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About RFCO

Since inception of RFCO, we are dedicated to build an environment based on innovation and efficiency. Where our clients and employees are met with the integrity and respect they aim for. RFCO believes in creating communities to live in that include all the lifestyle services and needed facilities for a hassle-free life. A community that acts as one harmonious entity serving the needs of our customers during and after delivery. Since we began our journey, our success has been a source of pride and inspiration for us to embrace the present and continue building for the future. We have constantly strived to create livable communities and projects.

Our Mission - RFCO Development

Our Mission

Creating innovative investment opportunities, supported by easy payment plans to ensure the highest living standards by achieving the difficult equation that combines upscale living solutions in distinct locations at a cost price. Our mission is to craft integrated residential communities that enjoy security, luxury and peace of mind, in addition to providing a hassle- free investment experience based on commit- ment and complete transparency at all stages; from planning to delivering the project on time.

Our Vision - RFCO Development

Our Vision

To become the leading company in Egypt and the Middle East in providing modern and vibrant residential communities in exceptional locations by providing smart investment solutions and flexible payment plans that put the needs of investors, as well as exceptional product quality at the forefront of its priorities.